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SPAH2O Electronic Shower Valve

The SPAH2O Electronic Shower Valve is a thermostatic, pressure-balancing valve with an electronic mixer CPU. Rigorously designed with the durable engineering that defines MrSteam, the SPAH2O syncs with the iSteamX control offering complete shower control with a touch of a finger. SPAH20 and iSteamX… it’s time for the ultimate shower experience.

Single Control

Controlled by the iSteamX controller, eliminating the need for separate shower controls.

iSteamX sold separately

Easy Maintenance

SPAH2O valve features streamlined maintenance, including built-in thermal disinfection and self-cleaning.

Long Product Life

The SPAH2O has no cartridges, pulleys, gears, electric motors, or similar parts that need to be recalibrated or replaced, dramatically lengthening product life.

Intuitive installation with clearly identified connection points


SpaH2O Installation Diagram

SpaH20 Electronic Shower Valve Image

SPAH2O Electronic Shower Valve

  • Dimensions: 11” x 2.5” x 9.5”
  • Easily pause and resume shower
  • Auto shutoff and anti-scalding regulator
  • Powerful and reliable safety alarms
  • California regulation compliant
  • Easily mounts directly to the wall
  • Connect up to 3 shower fixtures
  • Two outlets may be used at one time
  • Flow Rate (at 45 PSI, free flow, mixed water)
  • Single outlet 1.1 gpm to 5.5 gpm
  • Two outlets 1.1 gpm to 7.4 gpm (total)
  • SpaH2O is intended to be used with fixtures marked for use with automatic compensating valves rated at 2.2 GPM or higher flow rates.


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