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It Started over the Garage


Maureen Madigan, a designer with KraftMaster Renovations, creates a spa-like retreat for a busy and active Princeton, NJ family.

Maureen Madigan, a designer with KraftMaster Renovations, started the process of renovating an old, poorly insulated bathroom located over a garage, the way all good designers do – by interviewing the homeowners. In doing so, she discovered that these parents of two were busy professionals, loved tennis, sports of all types, and spending time at the gym. They hoped that Madigan could use her talents to transform the space into a home spa where they could relax and rejuvenate after a long day at work or when returning from their athletic pursuits.

Madigan delivered – and then some. Having experienced the luxury of a MrSteam steambath in her own home for the past 15 years, she had no hesitation in recommending making it an integral part of the renovation. After all, she herself is “a big believer –starting the day every day with a steam shower.” KraftMaster exclusively installs MrSteam products when steam is called for in their renovations, relying on the company’s quality, service and support.

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The shower design included natural stone for a Zen-inspired environment, and the sleek thinline inlet of the steam nearly disappeared into the grout line of the tile pattern. By positioning it low in the shower, the steam creates a spectacular reverse waterfall effect. Because members of the family start their day in the steam shower, having the ability to start the steam via remote control was crucial – allowing them to preheat the steam while the coffee was brewing!

Other spa-like features included an emphasis on natural light and a soaking air jet tub as the room’s focal point. The family is thrilled by the completed project, enjoying daily steam showers and air bubble baths.

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