iButler Packages

Stop and Relax.

Let the iButler spa package cater to your need to slow down and refresh, in convenient and affordable luxury. 

This spa package includes the iSteam® touch control and iGenie® wireless remote, as well as AutoFlush® to maintain the long life and high performance of your home steam shower system.

  • iSteam swipe-touch control.
  • iSteam cool-to-the-touch steam head.
  • Wireless remote iGenie.
  • AutoFlush automatically flushes water out of the generator after every use, bringing in fresh water for your next use. 
  • Drip pan protects your bathroom from potential water leaks.

Available in black or white.

iButler package is compatible with 
Models MS 90E to MS SUPER 3E include:

            (1) iSteam Control

            (1) AromaSteam steam head

            (1) AutoFlush

            (1) iGenie

            (1) Drip Pan

iButler 2 package is compatible with 
Models MS SUPER 4E to MS SUPER 6E include:

         (1) iSteam Control

         (2) AromaSteam steam heads

         (2) AutoFlush units

         (1) iGenie

         (2) Drip Pans


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