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Our Mission | Feel Good

Our Mission 

MrSteam has been in the “Feel Good” business since 1917. A champion of SteamTherapy® and a company committed to making wellness a way of life.

Focused on innovation while continually offering the finest quality products and services, MrSteam embraces the core idea that “We feel good... when you feel good.”

How does something like that happen you ask?

Experience: MrSteam is the feel good brand of Sussman-Automatic Corporation which has over 95 years of experience designing and manufacturing steam generating equipment for industrial applications.

Customer Service: At MrSteam we proudly provide the best customer service, with fully staffed offices on both coasts. Customer care representatives are on hand to answer any questions Monday through Friday,
8 am to 7 pm est.

Reliability: All MrSteam products are made of serviceable industrial grade components. Some systems feature state of the art self-diagnostic tools.

Sustainability: MrSteam is environmentally friendly. All home generators utilize recyclable stainless steel and use water and energy efficiently.

Quality Certified: All residential generators are USA and Canadian UL listed, CE and NOM certified.

SmartSizing: Utilize smart iSizing™ from your mobile phone or our online Virtual Spa System to perfectly size your steam generator, creating the ideal steam experience.

Simple Language Warranty: Our comprehensive warranty is written in plain English and is easily available online or from a customer care representative.

Proudly Manufacturing Products in the USA since 1917

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