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Meet The Team

Mike Pinkus

Michael Pinkus is president of Mr. Steam and the guiding force behind design and innovation within the company.

An Alumni of Syracuse University, Michael first joined Sussman-Automatic (the parent company of MrSteam) as a senior designer in 1993. Over the next two decades, Michael flourished in the design, development, and the “Feel Good mindset” of MrSteam.  Michael rose-up through the ranks, ultimately being named president of the company in 2011.

Prior to his tenure at Sussman-Automatic and MrSteam, Michael was a fixture in the Industrial Design community in New York City. He also enjoyed being a part of a racing car design team and an avant-garde architectural firm in Italy.

Michael often brings MrSteam’s “Feel Good” mindset home from the office. He’ll tell you just how good it feels to ride back roads on his vintage Ducati or to scuba with his dive buddy/wife.  This is a “feel proud” summer  as his son celebrates his Boy Scout Eagle Ranking and is off to college this fall, while his daughter prepares for her senior year of college with an movie making internship in LA.

Martha Orellana

Martha Orellana is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for MrSteam, managing the company’s sales force in the Western United States, Mexico, and Canada; all the while introducing the world to the “Feel Good” benefits of Steam.

Known affectionately as “Mrs. Steam,” Martha has been an integral part of the MrSteam team for over 30 years. Holding a variety of management positions within the company, building the brand and the sales network. In 1988, she opened Mr. Steam’s West Coast office, service clearing house, and showroom and developed the West Coast Office.

Martha is an alumna of Hunter College, a Licensed California contractor, a member of the National Association of Female Executives, and a self-proclaimed (and indisputable) “Spa Connoisseur,” tirelessly advocating for the decorative plumbing and hardware industry. To drive demand and increase steam shower specifications, she led the creation of four CEU courses and pioneered a virtual spa tool to simplify the steam generator sizing process. She was recognized in 2014 by Contractor Magazine as one of the most influential women in the industry.

Martha thrives under the company’s guiding principle that “we feel good...when you feel good.” This infectious feel-good-spirit carries over into her personal life, where this “Ambassador of Feel Good” can be found soaring above in a hot air balloon, or on the ground sharing a favorite Italian meal with close friends and family in and around her West Hollywood, CA residence.

Dan Reinert

Dan Reinert is MrSteam’s Vice President of Sales, managing the Eastern half of the United States, Eastern Canada, as well as International Sales (with the exception of Mexico). Dan also handles corporate negotiations with industry groups and OEM accounts.

In 1982, Dan joined the Los Angeles office of Sussman-Automatic Corporation (MrSteam’s parent company), working in purchasing, customer service, and shipping for the Garment industry division. It didn’t take long for Dan to see the “feel good” benefits of steam, ultimately relocating to New York in 1987 to become a regional Assistant Sales Manager and help grow the expanding MrSteam business. Dan quickly became a champion of steam bath systems and the health benefits they provide, all the while rising to his current day leadership position within the company.

Dan is an Alumni of Central Michigan University... “Go Chippewa’s!” Dan is an avid Soccer fan, in fact he’s been to every World Cup since the Kennedy Administration (that’s stretching it a bit), but Dan is now more often found cheering on a Soccer “gooooooooooooooal,” than blowing a vuvuzela for his old college mascot the “Flying C’s.”

Most fittingly, Dan now calls New Orleans home. He has taken his “Feel Good” spirit to the home of “Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulér” (“let the good times roll”). Now if only all this “Feel Good” thinking could help his team-win!

Tony DiResta

Anthony DiResta is the Vice President of Finance /CFO (AKA-“Chief Feel-good Officer”) of Sussman-Automatic/MrSteam.

Tony originally joined the company as controller, and over the years has developed proprietary financial reporting, improved internal controls, streamlined factory costs and has spearheaded many other initiatives that ultimately created a dynamic workplace that fosters new ideas, product development, and quality employees.

Tony is a sports fan, standing outside the norm of the usual fan with his eclectic list of favorite teams. He’s a huge New York Yankee fan, which is no mystery for this Brooklyn College Alumni and self-described “Queens Boy,” but the real surprise is Tony’s devotion to the Green Bay Packers, as well as his fondness for the Los Angeles Lakers. But it all makes sense when you listen to this “Kid from Rockaway Beach,” talk about sports legends, from the Packer’s Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, and Tony’s favorite fullback Jimmy Taylor, to his admiration of Jerry West and the Showtime days of the Lakers.

Sports aside, Tony’s days are spent in the realities of business and finance, so in his free time, he may play a little golf, but he really enjoys the unknowns of reading a little fiction; a good John Sandford or Sue Grafton mystery is a nice reward for a job well done.