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How to Select a Steam System

Do you want to experience the luxury of steam at home, but don’t know where to start? Let us help you through the process.

The first step is to select the right size steam generator for your particular enclosure. A generator that is too small will not deliver the full steam experience. One that is too large will be wasteful. The materials used for the shower enclosure effect how large a generator you need.

Selecting the Right Generator

A quality MrSteam generator safely, quietly and reliably delivers the ultimate dream spa experience at home or in commercial spas. MrSteam generators deliver continuous steam flow without interruption, cold spots or fluctuations in temperature.

If you’re comparison shopping, make sure any generator you buy has these important features.

Quickly size the right generator here

Selecting the Right Steam Shower

We know that construction materials, room size (including room height) and special design features such as large slab areas, all affect which steam generator model is right for space.

Common materials that will change your generator sizing range from composites like fiberglass or acrylic to natural stones; marble to concrete and ceramics like tiles. 

Generator Sizing

Visit our Virtual Spa to build your own steam spa and become familiar with pricing, finishes, sizing and all Towel Warmer options. 

Generator size is key to successfully operating a steam shower, as well as providing ultimate enjoyment in a steam shower. 

If you would like to estimate generator size, you can use our handy online tool here.

Steam Shower Buying Guide