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It is strongly recommended that MR.STEAM products be purchased from an AUTHORIZED SHOWROOM, listed on this locator.  These showrooms provide the expertise required to specify, purchase, and ultimately enjoy a MR. STEAM steambath system.  In addition, they offer outstanding customer service before, during, and after the purchase.

If you are purchasing MR.STEAM products online, it is recommended that you purchase ONLY from an AUTHORIZED “E-TAILER”.  MR. STEAM’S AUTHORIZED E-TAILERS are highly qualified and also offer outstanding customer service.  These specified INTERNET WEBSITES are endorsed with the MR.STEAM “AUTHORIZED INTERNET RETAILER” logo.

MR.STEAM cannot warrant that items purchased from an UNAUTHORIZED E-TAILER is original MR.STEAM factory approved products.

Click Here for a list of our AUTHORIZED online E-TAILERS.