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CT Day Spa® System


Ideal for smaller day spa steam rooms

The CT Club Therapy® Day Spa System provides space-conscious spa facilities with high performance, low maintenance steam room solutions.

The CT Day Spa™ steam generators are ideal for smaller steam rooms in resorts, medical facilities, hotels, spas and clubs. They are designed for rooms no larger than 675 cu. ft. that are occupied by no more than two people at a time, and in operation less than six hours a day.

  • The compact design is easily installed in most service closets, storage areas, or similar dry, heated locations.
  • Constructed of 100% stainless steel inside and out, CT Club Therapy generators deliver longevity, functionality and durability.
  • Equipped with advanced digital iTempo/Plus® controls, allowing the owner/operator  to control and customize each user’s steam bathing experience.
  • The spa visitor can use the CT Steam Stop™ control inside the room to further control their session.
  • Comes standard with AromaSteam steamhead, Express Steam®  and the Autoflush® system.
  • MrSteam CT Day Spa steam generators combine performance and aesthetics with reliability.
  • US and Canada UL listed.

The CT Day Spa System includes a CT6E-15E Generator as well as:

  • (1) iSteam 3 Control OR (1) iTempo Plus Control 
  • (1) Factory-installed Express Steam
  • (1) AromaSteam Steamhead with Acrylic Shield
  • (1) AutoFlush
  • (1) Condensation Pan
  • (1) CT-Steam Stop
  • (1) MSTS In-Room Temperature Sensor 

An upgrade to the iSteam touch screen steam bath control is also available with this package.

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