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AromaSteam Oils


The healing and creative power of aromatherapy

For centuries, aromatherapy has been recognized as having potentially profound healing effects.  MrSteam essential oils introduce aromatherapy to enrich the home steambathing experience.

  • Eucalyptus A deeply refreshing aroma with cleansing effects, eucalyptus may help open air passageways
  • Lavender A sweet, lightly floral scent, lavender may help soothe anxiety with its calming and restorative properties
  • Breathe A tropical combination that may help clear chest, nose and sinuses
  • Evergreen A refreshing blend of spruce, fir and pine reminiscent of a forest on a crisp morning
  • Energizing Mint A blend of mint, citrus and herbs that may stimulate and energize

* Available in long lasting one liter bottles (33oz) for use with the AromaSteam System & 10ml bottles for use with aromasteam steamheads and Broadway/Metro collection towel warmers.

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With the highest quality products, affordable pricing, top class warranties and unmatched customer service, MrSteam is the gold standard in steam systems and spa experiences.

MrSteam continues to redefine quality and reliability. And should the unheard-of happen, MrSteam stands behind its industry-leading warranty program against defects in materials and workmanship.

You can download the warranty for your MrSteam product as well as register the warranty on your purchase by clicking here.