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AirTempo™ Control

The new AirTempo™ Control offers users exceptional functionality and the convenience of a remote control, while also providing substantial time- and labor-savings to installers. The steam shower industry’s first wireless control for the home, users can decide upon the optimal placement of the control over time, since there are no wires, tile, granite or marble cuts, or the need to route cables. Highly sensitive to even slight changes in ambient temperature, the AirTempo sensor technology, and its proprietary software regulate the steam and maintain optimal, steam-room temperatures.

Ease of installation: Powered by replaceable, long-lasting lithium batteries, the AirTempo Control communicates wirelessly, eliminating the time, hassle and expense of running a cable from the control to the generator. Installation means simply deciding where to locate the AirTempo, which mounts in seconds with no tools required.

Ease of use: The bather can undock the AirTempo and use it as a remote control outside the steam shower, in exercise rooms, bedroom nightstands, kitchen counters and more. The bather can then activate the steam bath remotely before entering the shower. The generator automatically shuts down if the control is not smoothly and simply returned to its dock within five minutes, saving energy in case of delays.

Wireless communication: Rather than hard-wiring through walls and ceilings, the AirTempo communicates with the generator through a small electronic receiver attached to the generator with a cord. The receivers transmission range is 60 ft. A 30 ft cable (104117-30) can be used to extend the transmission range.

Mounting options: Because the control is wireless, it can be surface-mounted to almost any steam room wall, even — in another breakthrough for the steam industry — on a glass wall.

Flush-mount option:  The AirTempo can also be mounted on the wall in a plated forged brass bezel, or mounted inside or outside the steam shower. If the latter option is chosen, a remote temperature sensor must be installed inside the shower enclosure.

Energy-saving operation: Easy and intuitive, AirTempo technology features a large and easy-to-read LED display with a pleasant blue readout against a black or white face. Icons indicate the current status of the AromaSteam and ChromaSteam® lighting. The touch-activated glass screen panel responds quickly to user input. But if left idle, the panel automatically reverts to sleep mode to save energy while still maintaining the programmed temperature.

Elegant, upscale design: AirTempo comes standard with a polished chrome trim. Upon bathroom redesign, this decorative trim can be changed out without having to purchase a new control. Additional designer finishes — polished nickel, brushed nickel, polished brass, brushed bronze, oil rubbed bronze and even custom-plating options — are available to complement any bath décor. Every AirTempo package comes complete with a high-grade, cool-to-the-touch steam head in a matching finish.

  Download our steamroom control comparison guide.

Steam Shower Buying Guide

Build Your Spa:

Our Virtual Spa System takes you from bathroom to spa in five simple steps:

MrSteam’s new Virtual Spa System makes it fast and easy for you to create and visualize a personalized home steam shower. From the required generator and control components to optional accessories such as ChromaTherapy, AromaTherapy, MusicTherapy, wall seats and towel warmers, all in a simple step-by-step process.

  1. Enter your shower dimensions and room material to automatically select the right generator for your enclosure size.
  2. Choose a control package and finish that perfectly complements your home.
  3. Select a convenient spa package or items a la carte.
  4. Opt for accessories that will enhance your steam experience, turning your home into a retreat from everyday life.
  5. Add a towel warmer to complete the experience, and your virtual spa tour is complete.

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