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What Is a Steam Shower

A Steam Shower is a sensual immersion into the elemental forces of life.

3’ x 3’ x 7’. You might think that’s too small a space for a steam shower. But we make that magic happen right in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, we make bigger steam baths, too. Our commercial steam rooms in your local health club, spa, and resort can accommodate many people, all enjoying the luxury of steam.

How does it all work? 

  • A steam generator, typically no bigger than a briefcase, heats the water. 
  • Steam, heated to 110 relaxing degrees, enters the shower enclosure through steam heads.
  • You sit in total comfort, taking in the steam for 10 to 20 soothing minutes, followed by a refreshing shower.
  • Now wrap yourself in the comfort of a fluffy towel heated by a towel warmer to complete the total spa experience.

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You say your body feels like Jello? You’re welcome!

And that's not all. MrSteam merges scent, light and sound with steam to create a Total-Body Sensory Experience. Here's how we create a SteamTherapy event:

  • Controls for the steam are usually inside the unit, but you can also go wireless.
  • At your computer or mobile device? We offer a wizard for smart phones, laptops and tablets that fully integrate into home automation systems.
  • ChromaTherapy adds the therapeutic effect of colored lights.
  • Infuse the steam shower with aromatherapy scented oils. Breathe deep!
  • Surround yourself with the Beatles, the Beastie Boys or Bach – as the music of your choice plays from our integrated music systems.
  • It’s been a long day. Sit down on the shower bench that's right where you need it. Relax.

Steam Shower Buying Guide