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What Is a Steam Shower

A Steam Shower is a sensual immersion in steam.

A Steam Shower is...

• It starts with a steam generator, typically no bigger than a briefcase that heats the water
• Steam, heated to 110 degrees, enters the shower enclosure, the steam room, through steam heads
• No space is too small for a steam shower ranging from standard shower sizes to more luxurious-sized enclosures

The Steam Shower Experience

• The steam will fill the room while you relax in total comfort
• Unwind for 10 to 20 minutes, to feel the soothing benefits of steam
• Follow-up with a refreshing shower
• Wrap yourself in the comfort of a fluffy warm towel to complete the total spa experience

MrSteam merges scent, light, and sound with steam to create a Total-Body Sensory Experience, SteamTherapy!

• Controls for the steam generator are usually installed within the enclosure
• AromaTherapy infuses the steam shower with aromatic oils
• ChromaTherapy adds the effect of colored lighting
• MusicTherapy allows you to surround yourself with your choice of music all from our integrated music system