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What is Steam Therapy

SteamTherapy SteamTherapy: A Mixing and Melding of the Senses

SteamTherapy keeps you glowing as warm moisture opens your pores, leaving your skin softer and more supple. Steam cleanses and nourishes the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. You look better – and feel better.

Add the wellness benefits of aromatherapy and chromatherapy, along with the calming swirl of music to create a truly healthful, invigorating steam experience.

AromaTherapy: The Healing Boost of Scent

AromaTherapy has been recognized for centuries as having potentially profound healing effects. Aroma Therapy was mankind’s first medicine, a holistic practice of caring for the body using botanical oils. Essential oils can help awake and stimulate, or relax and promote better sleep. The Mr. Steam Aromas are a unique collection of natural fragrances that enrich the steam experience. Each aromatic oil offers a distinct fragrance with characteristic benefits:

  • Eucalyptus - A deeply refreshing aroma with cleansing effects, eucalyptus may help open air passageways
  • Lavender - A sweet, lightly floral scent, lavender may help soothe anxiety with its calming and restorative properties
  • Evergreen - A refreshing blend of spruce, fir and pine reminiscent of a forest on a crisp morning
  • Energizing Mint  - A blend of mint, citrus and herbs that may stimulate and energize
  • Breathe - A tropical combination that may help clear chest, nose and sinuses

In addition, these chakra oils, extracted from organic flowers and plants, to help you restore and repair:

  • Feeling sluggish? The essence of Red Vitality may help you feel invigorated
  • Feeling inhibited? Energy Orange essence may help lessen sexual inhibitions
  • Difficulty staying focused? Yellow Awakening may help improve memory and concentration
  • Stressed? 
Green Harmony may help you restore a sense of balance
  • Difficulty making connections? Blue Celestial helps you see solutions everywhere
  • Creatively blocked? Mystic Indigo may enhance your creative intuition
  • Need to unwind? Violet Nirvana may help calm agitated nerves

Chromatherapy: The Magic of Light

Like water and heat, light is a fundamental life force and may improve your physical and mental state.  The Mr. Steam ChromaSteam™ system integrates light with steam, creating chromatherapy environments rich with color, mood and warmth. ChromaSteam suffuses the steam shower with a spectrum of color from airy blue to sensual red.

Set the mood you desire or cycle from one to the next:

  • Red – Vitality that sparks raw creativity
  • Orange – Exploration, both physical and mental
  • Yellow – Awakening to personal power and awareness
  • Green – Harmony, helping you to get back in step with life’s rhythms
  • Indigo – Mystic, to discover the rhythm of energy surrounding you
  • Blue – Celestial, helping you communicate and share your discoveries
  • Violet – Nirvana, the culmination of time, place, and being

MusicTherapy: Because Nothing Soothes like Music

From infancy on, we respond to music – letting it set the rhythm of our days, making us happy or sad, energized or relaxed. The idea of music as a healing influence is as old as the writings of Plato and Aristotle. Having the ability to listen to music in your steam shower engages that elemental sense of sound. And we all know that music has the power to relax, refresh, and reinvigorate us.

MusicTherapy uses sound to address the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of everyone, no matter how old. It can help to:

  • Manage stress
  • Alleviate pain
  • Express feelings
  • Enhanced memory
  • Improve communication
  • Promote physical rehabilitation

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