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Builders A home with a steam shower is a happy home.

Clearly, there is a growing focus on health and wellness today, especially among affluent homeowners. This is why home buyers are increasingly interested in at-home options that promote well being and give them a retreat from the stress of everyday life.  

Residential steam spas naturally appeal to many homebuyers and renters on the market today. Even entry-level homes and multi-family units can offer steam, thanks to MrSteam’s Steam@Home®, a smaller, more affordable steam shower for starter homes. Sized to fit 3’x4’ or 3’x5’ spaces including acrylic units,Steam@Home generators are 20 percent more compact than regular MrSteam generators. And they are affordably priced too.

You can select MrSteam products with confidence, knowing that our parent company is the largest manufacturer of electric steam boilers in the world. We make both residential and  light commercial, as well as full commercial units.

Every member of our highly knowledgeable management team has more than 20 years of experience in the intricacies of steam. These experts are ready and more than willing to help busy building professionals like yourself with accurate generator sizing, steam room specifications and more.

Our Customer Service Experts in New York City and Los Angeles are available to assist you eleven hours a day.  You can see MrSteam products at our extensive network of authorized MrSteam showrooms, including working units. We’ll give you experienced assistance every step of the way.


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Nationwide Customer Service

Experts in New York City and Los Angeles are available to assist you eleven hours a day.

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Product Design

The president of our company, Mike Pinkus, is an industrial designer, which is we understand your need for design-driven products that are easily installed and offer superb functionality.  All MrSteam systems including generators, controls and steam heads, are designed so that they can be easily installed, requiring as little field assembly as possible.  MrSteam systems accommodate both simple and elaborate installation with easy plug-and-play connections.

For total quality control, all our steam products are Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA and are UL and CUL listed in the U.S. and Canada. Every unit is manufactured to the same standards the U.S. Navy, the CDC and hospital operating rooms demand of us.

Experience MrSteam for Yourself

Luxuriate in the MrSteam spa experience yourself before recommending it to your customers. Here are top hotels, spas, resorts and health clubs — from the Ritz Carlton to Canyon Ranch — where you can indulge in a MrSteam steam shower.