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With a growing focus today on health and wellness, both residential and commercial architectural clients are increasingly interested in incorporating steam spas into their projects.

Whether you specify a commercial steam room for a hotel, spa or health club, or a residential steam shower for a new or remodeled home, you can select MrSteam products with confidence, knowing that we are the largest manufacturer of electric steam boilers in the world.

Our company president, Mike Pinkus, brings a background in industrial design to MrSteam. That means we understand your need for design-driven products that function flawlessly and match the sophisticated image of your highest-end projects. 

Our finishes are compatible with the most popular plumbing finishes on the market today, including Polished Chrome, Polished Brass, Polished Nickel, Brushed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Custom Plating.

For total quality control, all our products are Designed, Engineered and Assembled in the USA and are UL and CUL listed in the U.S. and Canada. And did we mention that every one of them is manufactured to the same standards demanded of us by the U.S. Navy, the CDC and hospital operating rooms?

You can rely on us as your steam experts. We have a superb management team, each with more than twenty years of experience in the intricacies of steam.

Let us assist you in your steam shower design...

Download the Steam Guide for Architects

Generator Sizing

Generator size is key to successfully operating a steam shower, as well as providing ultimate enjoyment in a steam spa. We know that construction materials, room size (including room height) and special design features such as large slab areas, all affect which steam generator model is right for the space.

Because we believe in True Sizing, MrSteam will recommend the correct generator model for your project. Just send us complete information, including working drawings, specifications, and pertinent electrical and construction details. Call 1-800-76STEAM (East Coast) or 1-800-72STEAM (West Coast) or email for assistance.

Of course, if you or your contractor would like to estimate generator size first, you can use our handy online tool here.

Steam Room Specifications

We’ll  answer typical steam shower design questions, such as:

  • What materials are ideal for a steam room?
    Generally ceramic tile or marble, but glass block and natural stone can also be used.
  • Are there any other special requirements?
    The ceiling must slope away from the user and you must provide a drain.
  • Is special ventilation needed?
    No, because very little steam escapes from the unit. Any remaining steam will condense when the individual showers.
  • What is the recommended ceiling height?
    Generally no more than 8 feet.

For more information on steam , click here.

For more information on construction, download our construction planning guide here

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We offer the largest capacity residential generator tanks available. This means they can be installed up to 60 feet away without having to use a larger generator, giving you greater steam shower design flexibility, and a wider variety of choices where to install the generator (closet, heated attic, vanity, or basement).

Advanced Products

MrSteam has the only residential generator that communicates with SmartHome technology.

For more information on MrSteam residential steam shower generators, click here. 

Our commercial steam generators are built to ASME standards and are National Board registered.  For more information on MrSteam commercial steam shower generators, click here

We also offer Day Spa systems for light commercial applications. (For more information on MrSteam Day Spa systems , click here. 

Nationwide Customer Service

Experts in New York City and Los Angeles are available to assist you eleven hours a day. To contact us click here.

You can see MrSteam products and even working units at our extensive network of authorized MrSteam dealer showrooms.

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Luxuriate in the MrSteam spa experience yourself before recommending it to your customers. Here are top hotels, spas, resorts and health clubs—from the Ritz Carlton to Canyon Ranch-- where you can indulge in a MrSteam steam shower.

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CEU Classes

Want to learn more about steam? Attend our CEU AIA approved classes. For more information, click here.