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Today's growing focus on health and wellness, architects are increasingly interested in incorporating steam showers into their projects. Whether designing a commercial steam room for a hotel, spa or health club, or a residential steam shower for a new or remodeled home, you can select MrSteam products with confidence. 


Our company president, Mike Pinkus, brings a background in industrial design to MrSteam. That means we understand your need for design-driven products that function flawlessly and match the sophisticated image of your highest-end projects.

Designs and products like the Linear Steam head that will ensure your architectural design remains as you intended! 

All our products are Designed, Engineered, and Assembled in the USA

Generator Sizing

Visit our Virtual Spa to build your own steam spa and become familiar with pricing, finishes, sizing and all Towel Warmer options.

Generator size is key to successfully operating a steam shower, as well as providing ultimate enjoyment in a steam shower.

If you would like to estimate generator size, you can use our handy online tool here.

Selecting the Right Steam Shower

We know that construction materials, room size (including room height) and special design features such as large slab areas, all affect which steam generator model is right for space. MrSteam will recommend the correct generator model for your project. Just send us complete information, including working drawings, specifications, and pertinent electrical and construction details.

Call 1-800-76STEAM (East Coast) or 1-800-72STEAM (West Coast) or email for assistance.

For more information on construction, download our construction planning guide here

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