Digital 1 Control Packages

Efficient, consistent spa temperature control

Designed and packaged to provide spa operators with the ability to select the steam room operating temperature. Simply determine the CU model for the steam room being serviced and select the required Digital 1 Control system.

The Digital 1 Control Package includes:

  • Digital 1 Temperature Control featuring in-steam-room temperature-regulating sensor
  • Advanced low mass, quick-response thermostat with sensor guard
  • Capability and durability to respond to steam room temperature within tight tolerances
  • Electronic temperature control factory pre-installed with panel-mount design
  • Plate for optional remote installation in a standard 4x4 electrical box
  • Ability to set room temperature accurately and reliably
  • Efficient, consistent control with full 100˚ F - 120˚ F range
  • Integrated in-steam-room high temperature control
  • An additional level of reliability


  • If more than one room is being serviced by one (1) CU generator, the appropriate CU1-digital 1 or CU2-digital 1 Control Package must be specified for EACH room
  • See sizing and selection guidelines for CU generators here
  • Note all “IMPORTANT” guidelines on page 29 of the 2013 Pricebook  when one (1) CU generator is servicing more than one (1) room