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Operating Equipment


Reliable, Efficient, Value-Added

Everything the spa operator needs to save time, ease maintenance, and enhance the spa experience.

Automatic Blowdown System

Mr. Steam's Automatic Blowdown System saves time, energy and payroll dollars because it starts, stops, drains and refills each CU commercial steam generator automatically — on a pre-scheduled daily basis.

  • Round-the-clock dependability with low maintenance for Clean Steam...Every Time®
  • Comes standard with a 24-hour, seven-day digital time clock
  • Effectively discharges accumulated sediment at programmed intervals at low pressure blowdown
  • Can be programmed with up to 15 different On/Off times for full seven-day control with maximum cost effectiveness and minimum worries
  • US and Canada UL listed

ASME Code Blowdown Tank

ASME Code Blowdown Tank  is essential equipment for automatic blowdown maintenance where building codes require maximum 140° F discharge.

  • Blowdown separators are built to ASME section VIII. The separators reduce the temperature and pressure to insure a safe discharge of water and sludge
  • Designed to utilize a water seal at the outlet, reducing outlet temperature to a safe discharge level
  • No electrical hookup required
  • Complete with temperature gauge, pressure gauge, and gauge glass assembly
  • ASME Code UM vessel

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