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Eco-Friendly Mr. Steam

Eco-Friendly Mr. Steam MrSteam’s most popular model uses only 1 gallon of water per 20 minute session.
Made from 100% recyclable stainless steel...inside and out.

Uncovering ways to offer upscale, lifestyle products that also protect the environment are top commitments at MrSteam®.  MrSteam’s residential steam bath products use naturally corrosion resistant, 100 percent recyclable stainless steel inside and out. 

“Social responsibility is a catalyst for MrSteam’s innovative design of ecologically conscious, water conserving steambath products,” states Charles Monteverdi, president of MrSteam.  “Today’s savvy homeowners have a vested interest in using green products.  Buying from companies like MrSteam fulfill the need to have only eco-friendly products for their home.”

The MrSteam residential steam generator, water tank and outer enclosure are of stainless steel, giving consumers a high quality and environmentally sound choice for their home spa.  Stainless steel is well-recognized for its longevity and durability.  Stainless steel is nearly twice as strong as most carbon steels and offers excellent resistance to rusting. 

When moving toward conserving energy and natural resources, consumers can also look to the water and energy saving benefits of a steam shower.  A typical MrSteam steam system uses less than five gallons of water for a 30 minute steambathing session.  This represents a 75 gallon reduction in water usage as compared to a whirlpool bath, providing homeowners a high quality alternate in creating an eco-friendly oasis with spa-like amenities in the bath.

MrSteam steam systems enable homeowners to improve their quality of life and embrace a holistic lifestyle with new options including the MrSteam AutoFlush® system.  The system introduces fresh, clean water each time you steam bath and drains the water after every use, providing “Clean Steam…Every Time®.