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With the highest quality products, affordable pricing, top class warranties and unmatched customer service, MrSteam is the gold standard in steam systems and spa experiences.

The proven choice amongst discerning consumers, interior designers, architects, builders and plumbing contractors alike, MrSteam continues to redefine quality and reliability. And should the unheard-of happen, MrSteam stands behind its industry-leading warranty program against defects in materials and workmanship.

Technical Service Representatives

Hours of Operation: 8a - 7p EST
Toll-Free: 800-767-8326
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Customer Service Representatives

East Coast
Hours of Operation: 8a - 4p EST
Toll-Free: 800-767-8326

Contact: Vicky Zimberg
Corporate Account Manager
Tel: 718-937-4500, ext. 1238
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Contact: Allegra D'Agnese
Senior Account Representative
Tel: 718-937-4500, ext. 1283
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Contact: Tasha Cabral
Corporate Account Representative
Tel: 718-937-4500, ext. 1285
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West Coast
Hours of Operation: 8a - 4p PST
Toll-Free: 800-727-8326

Contact: E. Benitez
Account Representative
Tel: 310-216-6565 ext. 2202
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Contact: Gabby Gomez
Account Representative
Tel: 310-216-6565 ext. 2201
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Contact: Cheryl Alcocer
Account Representative
Tel: 310-216-6565 ext. 2203
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