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CU Specifications


Selecting a CU Series Steambath Generator

Important: See our Technical Downloads page for installation, operation & maintenance manuals. Commercial MrSteam steambaths® unit users, click here for our commercial installation, operation & maintenance manual.

When selecting and installing a commercial mr.steam steambath unit, please e-mail MrSteam® to request the Engineering Specifications.

To determine the correct CU Steambath Generator Model:

Multiply length x width x height of the steam room.

Compare your total room volume to the Specification Chart to select the correct model.

Example 1

A steam room 8' x 10' x 8' H = 640 cu. ft. (volume).
Select the next size generator model which exceeds the calculated room volume. In this example, specify Model CU750 with one DIGITAL 1 Control Package

Example 2

2 steam rooms each 6' x 10' x 7' H x 2 = 840 cu. ft. (volume).
In this example specify Model CU1000 with 2 (two) DIGITAL 1 Control Packages

CU Specification Chart

Tech Specs(click model)Total Room VolumePHKWSHIPPING WT. (LBS)SHIPPING DIMENSIONS 


up to 360 1 OR 3 9 200 36L x 26W x 43H
CU500 361-500 1 OR 3 12 200 36L x 26W x 43H
CU750 501-750 1 OR 3 18 200 36L x 26W x 43H
CU1000 751-1000 1 OR 3  24 200 36L x 26W x 43H
CU1250 1001-1250 3 30 200 36L x 26W x 43H
CU1400 1251-1400 3 36 200 36L x 26W x 43H
CU2000 1401-2000 3 48 300 37L x 31W x 52H
CU2500 2001-2500 3 60 300 37L x 31W x 52H


2501-3000 3 72 320 37L x 31W x 52H
CU4500 3001-4500 3 108 525 47L x 37W x 74H

Note 1

Certain additional factors affect the correct sizing of the Steambath Generator. Construction materials such as glass, glass block, natural marble or other stones, as well as steam piping longer than 50 feet, exterior walls and outside windows will all require a larger Steambath Generator.

For more detailed product information, contact MrSteam for a Commercial Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (PN PUR100376 12/05). Call 1-800-76 STEAM or 1-800-72 STEAM for more information.

Note 2

The guidelines for selecting the steam bath generator are a recommendation only. Due to variables in construction, these sizing instructions and specifications should be considered as guidelines only. MrSteam will review the model selected provided we receive complete information, including working drawings, specifications and pertinent electrical and construction details.

Important: When specifying a CU Commercial Steam bath Generator, the following is strongly recommended for best performance and user satisfaction:

  1. One (1) CU steambath generator should service no more than two (2) steamrooms, each relatively similar in size and construction.
  2. If two (2) steamrooms are serviced by one (1) CU generator, the combined resultant room volume of the two (2) rooms should not exceed 1000 cubic feet (28.3 cubic meters).
  3. Each room must be operated with the appropriate F1 PLUS® temperature control system, inclusive of the room operating temperature control and the high-limit temperature control.
  4. In all installations, the purchaser and/or owner/operator must consult with a designer, architect, and or consultant to assure the proper specification of the steambath generator and required and optional operating equipment.