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About Steam

Steam Room heart Relax. Rejuvinate. Reward Yourself.

People on perpetual overload—that would be most of us-- are now rediscovering what ancient cultures understood thousands of years ago about the healing power of steam to naturally soothe the body and calm the mind. 

Steam showers are a delicious and sensual immersion into the elemental forces of life: water and warmth. Whether you enjoy one at home or in a health club, resort or hotel spa, a steam shower is an easy way to help make wellness a way of life.

Steam shower benefits range from relaxation to rejuvenation. Ladies, remember steaming your face as a beauty treatment? Guys and gals, did your mom ever use a vaporizer to ease a cold? 

Today, after as little as 10 minutes in a steam shower, you can emerge feeling restored and looking refreshed. Aromatherapy and chromatherapy boost the holistic health benefits of steam even more.

Steam is kind to the environment as well.  Our most popular Mr. Steam model, for example, uses a mere two gallons of water for 20 minutes of relaxation, compared to a whopping 75 gallons for a tub.

And steam costs just pennies per session to operate. Clearly a guilt-free amenity you can use every day.

Adding a home steam shower is fairly simple, and doesn’t necessarily require a lot of space or a big budget. Even a 3’x4’ or 3’x5’ enclosure will work.

So whether you are building a new home, remodeling a bathroom, or simply looking to retrofit steam into an existing shower, Mr. Steam and its expert authorized showrooms can help you create your dream home steam room.